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About Us

The Tony Farley Foundation is a grant giving charity. Our Foundation aims to advance health education. 

About Tony Farley - The inspiration for The Tony Farley Foundation


Tony was born in 1950, in London, and was one of 4 boys growing up in post-war London. From this humble and challenging upbringing, Tony developed a tenacious and protective spirit to fight for what is right and to stick up for and to protect those more vulnerable.

With a natural gift for learning, Tony qualified as a Quantity Surveyor, and this was the birth of his attention to detail and quality. A degree in Politics and Sociology from Keele University followed. His Post Grad degree led him to working with young people to give them opportunities they may not ordinarily have, and to help them make the most of their potential. And here Tony's passion for education and helping others was further ignited. This took him to achieve a Masters in Criminology from Cambridge University and move to East London. It was here he met Ellen Kramer (founder of the College of Practical Homeopathy, The CPH).


With a love for humanity, equality and opportunity for all, and during many travels to Ghana, Tony and Ellen developed the courses and content at The CPH, so that it could and would appeal to any and all who were interested in natural health, and specifically homeopathy.


Since 2003, Tony bought a sense of clarity and quality to the courses which have enabled The CPH to gain and to continue enjoying the enviable BACS accreditation for the last 16 years. He also helped to develop the QAVS (Quality Assurance and Validation Scheme) that many UK colleges are measured against and held to high standards by. Tony’s guiding principles were to “keep things clear and simple” and it is with this in mind that The Tony Farley Foundation have very clear and simple application and education processes.


Tony’s aim was to have a platform where those who need the opportunity are able to seek it and this foundation has been created to achieve that aim for homeopathic education.

We thank Tony for his inspiration to create better opportunities for all people in homeopathic education.

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